PMT  Minimal Foundry


Minimal Mask-less Exposure

For the future of semiconductor

Minimal fab that caused inovation to semiconductor manufacturing process.

We have been engaged in R&D of minimal mask-less exposure equipment as a member of project that has been promoted in AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) initiative.


Conventionally manufacturing photomask in the semiconductor industry has incurred great cost and time input.

Minimal Mask-less Exposure equipment doesn't need photomask since drawing pattern on wafer directory with DMD(Digital Micromirror Device) and it greatly reduces turnaround time for prototype.

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reducing glass

drawing pattern

light source


Normal Exposure Mode

(resolution : 0.5µm)

Fine Exposure Mode

(resolution : 0.1µm)

In addition, it has mounted 2 exposure mode; normal and fine that drawing smoothly as necessary.

It is possible to chose the speed or smoothness depending on your demand.

What's about minimal foundry

Minimal foundry is preproduction services from the minimam 1 chip by hybrid process of minimal equipments group and existing mega-fab deposition equipments (outsourcing).

We contributed to reducing the time and cost for

prototype because of 2 reasons; no need to photomask and minimal equipments are installed side by side as shown in the figure to the right.


Our vision is the creation of social value with minimal-fab such as:

●The provision of preproduction services and the provision of contract manufacturing services for the purpose of sustainable development.

-Deployment of the semiconductor process to non-electronic fields like bio-medical.

-Resarch of semiconductor in developing countries.

-Acceleration domestic resarch of semiconductor.

-Revival of the Japan semiconductor industry.

●Contribute to environment.

●Contribute for the minimal consumption of raw materials and energy.

Futune Outlook

In 2015, we successfuly manufactured GaN blue LED based on sapphire substrate by hybrid process of minimal equipments group and existing mega-fab deposition equipments.

It is a world first, that this device was manufactured by using minimal fab equipment  except AIST.

We have already started receiving orders, and now look forward to positive growth in creating useful product for the world.

▲Display Devices shine characters "PMT"

▲Half inch sized wafer of GaN blue LED

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